5 Thoughts on Social Media

September 22, 2009

Brian Solis was in Kansas City last week to discuss the state of social media. Although I wasn’t able to attend, Spiral 16’s Kelly Kearney posted a great recap of the speech on her blog. I really like her final point which talks about social media being a privilege. She writes, “It’s important to interact with people online as you would in person.”

To read Kelly’s blog post, click here.


Your Company’s Online Brand

August 11, 2009

I’m going to stray away from the “protecting your data” theme and and talk about how a business can control it’s image online and protect your brand identity. Recently we’ve seen businesses like Spiral 16 become extremely busy as companies become more concerned about what their clients and prospects are saying online. There are many things that contribute to your online brand and online marketing strategy but the most important in my eyes are a website, facebook, twitter, and a blog. It is important to use all of these tools to push your users to content and articles that you want them to read. If you aren’t actively marketing yourself or your product online, you rely on what others say and write to be what your customers and prospects read when they search for you online. Over the next few days, I’ll spend a few minutes writing a post about each one of the previously mentioned avenues of distribution and how you can use them to promote your company.