Google Pulling out of China

March 19, 2010

Although the report is very vague right now, it looks like Google will pull out of China as previously threatened on April 10th. Google has not confirmed this report nor is it clear if they are closing all or just some of their operations there. Whether or not they close all of their operations, this is a sign that the tensions between China and Google are not diminishing.

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One great way to protect your company from a data breach

February 11, 2010

There was a great article in the National Journal yesterday about insurers helping protect companies from a cyber attack. In 2002, the Bush administration worked hard with insurance companies to broaden coverages helping protect a company in the event of a breach. These coverages have been slow to take off but due to the recent well publicized breach last week involving China and Google some experts think companies will begin to take this coverage more seriously.

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