This is Me

I am working to build a cyber liability and data privacy insurance program and use this blog to share with you the importance of protecting the data your business owns. If you look at companies like Facebook, YouTube, Groupon, and Google, the most valuable asset they have is the data they own!

Data security is a critical issue facing our country and our businesses; however, most people aren’t aware of the necessary precautions we must take to protect our critical data.  What’s more scary to me is that very few people realize the damage that can be done to an individual or a business if your personal information gets in the hands of the wrong individual.  This blog is a way for me to share my knowledge and research with everyone to help try and educate businesses and individuals about how to protect your data.


2 Responses to This is Me

  1. Travis,
    Dan Couse referred you to us as someone we could link with on our Blog. We would like to provide helpful links in our blog to our clients. I would like to request putting your link on our Blog. Our blog is updated twice a week, once with Realestate info and on Fridays for Whats Up in KC to do if you would like to add our link to your blog. Thank you. Julie Jackson-

    • travissholt says:


      Thanks for contacting me! I’d love to link to your blog. I’ll take care of it and of course you can link to my blog! I’ll look forward to following your blog.


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