Using facebook to promote your brand

Up to this point, we’ve talked about the importance of a website and a blog but now that I’m sure you’ve set those both up, how do you get people there. You can spend a bunch of money building a website and a lot of time writing a blog but if no one visits it, it’s pointless. One of the most effective way to direct people to your content is by using facebook. There are ways you can direct people for free and there are also paid advertising options you can use.

There are many different ways you can share your blog or website with people on facebook. Whether you share a blurb of a blog post on your status and link people to your blog or someone else shares a story that they find interesting, you can experience a spike in traffic if your blog is linked somewhere on the news feed. You can also create a group or a fan page for your business and use the group message feature to let everyone know about something new on your website. If your content is intriguing enough, facebook is a great way for you to grow exponentially. Facebook makes it very easy for you to share something with your friend and he or she to share it with their friends and on down the line. Make sure to friend all of your friends as well as business associates so when you do send out a message or change your status, a larger group of people are seeing that.

On the paid side, facebook ads is similar to Google Adwords but you can target your ads much more effectively. Whether you want to target high school kids who list music as one of their interests or you want to target people 25-40 who list traveling as an interest, you can do this on facebook. You can pay per click and it will allow you to easily track how many people you are directing to your website or blog through each specific advertising campaign. In my eyes, the main advantage of the paid ads is that you’re reaching everyone on facebook, not just the people you’re friends with.

Coming next: Promoting your brand using twitter


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