Step 1: Your company’s website

The first thing your company can do to establish your online brand is build a website. The most important thing to do when creating a website is determine who you are targeting and make it as easy as possible for that target to do what they want to do. If you are wanting to collect information from your user, don’t make them go to a back page to submit information, let them do that from the home page. If you want to deliver content to your user, let them get that easily. We have trained web surfers to be able to have information at their fingertips. If they go to your website and the information isn’t easily accessible, they will go somewhere else.

Many people think building a website or rebuilding an existing site is a huge expense and time consuming project. Although it is important to do it well, there are ways to do it inexpensively and without distracting you from your day to day operations. A personal favorite of mine is elance. Elance allows you to put a project out for bid and collect bids from freelance designers all over the world. This is a great way to find someone to create a website for you quickly and cost effectively.

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