Johnson County loses 8,600 records

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m starting to wonder when people are going to start taking their data privacy exposure seriously. Recently, the city of Johnson County had an employee inadvertently attach a document with 8,600 social security numbers to an e-mail that went out to 49 other employees. The incident occurred July 1st and was reported last week. The city says there is minimal risk of disclosure or misuse of the information which makes me wonder if they’re sending out notification letters and providing credit monitoring services to the 8,600 individuals whose information was compromised. If they are, this could easily cost them $1,000,000 and if they aren’t I’d think it would be difficult to sleep at night knowing you could be responsible for someone’s identity being stolen and you didn’t even let them know or offer to monitor their credit.

To read the full article from the Kansas City Star click here.


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