Is Your Business PCI Compliant?

It occurred to me that many business owners out there might not be aware what they have to do to be compliant with the PCI DSS (PCI data security standards). Not only will complying with the standards make your network more secure, it will help you avoid fines if you do suffer a breach. Fines for violating the PCI DSS can be stressful on your business and should be avoided at all costs. As published on the PCI Security Standards website, the six main steps to PCI DSS are:
1. Build and Maintain a Secure Network
2. Protect Cardholder Data
3. Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program
4. Implement Strong Access Control Measures
5. Regularly Monitor and Test Networks
6. Maintain an Information Security Policy

For more information on PCI DSS go to


One Response to Is Your Business PCI Compliant?

  1. James Galvin says:

    If anyone speaks Mandarin and English and is PCI certified, we are looking for PCI compliance officers in Mainland China who speak can perform data security checks for growing Chinese firms.

    Please email your resume to

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