Ways to Stop Internal Data Theft

Most people will agree that the biggest threat to your businesses data is internal; whether is be a disgruntled employee stealing company data or an employee accidentally downloading a program that opens the floodgates for the hackers.  Protecting company data from an internal breach is one of the biggest challenges facing small to mid sized businesses today.  Many of the solutions Fortune 500 companies use are just too expensive to implement on a smaller scale.  

While browsing the web recently, I ran into a company, Interguard, that claims to “protect your organization from all costly internal threats.”  The software consists of 3 modules, Datalock, Sonar, and Laptop Cop and each modules costs between $32 and $125 per license depending on the module and the number or licenses purchased.  I’d be interested to talk to anyone who has used this software so if you know anyone, please have them e-mail me or comment on this post.  

To visit Interguard’s website, go to http://www.interguardsoftware.com/


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